Cheltenham Ladies’

This exhibition, commissioned by the college in 2022, is dedicated to women and girls caught up in the conflict zones and photographed in some of the most war-torn countries. 


They are hanging in the main spine of the College, for all the young ladies to look at and try to digest some of the realities of War and how precious life is. 

“Through having a collection of Adam’s poignant and powerful images, we have the chance to share the perspective of someone who has been immersed in the context from which they have emerged. We have the potential to deepen our grasp at the human as well as the geopolitical level and explore the interdisciplinary dimensions behind each photograph.

From such understanding flows stronger and more lasting empathy, and connection, and the urge both to understand more and to act in support of others in the months and years to come.

Recent events in the Middle East and Africa have reminded us of how much we still have to learn about some of the world’s most complex regions, where personal liberty, freedoms and equal rights for men and women cannot be taken for granted, and where civil conflict casts a dangerous shadow over daily life.”

-Eve Jardine Young-

the Principal of the Cheltenham Ladies' College.

Over the next few months the Ladies’ will enter a competition to title and add their prose to the pictures - Giving them more meaning from a youngsters perspective.

After which a limited number of framed or unframed images will be for sale.